Jun 27, 2008

Junk Food Wish List!

Reamer has two days during Ranger School that he is allowed to get care packages. The first day is during the Mountain Phase, and the other is the last day of Florida Phase. This is typically spread by word of mouth by the army wives or by letters from the guys (which are few and far between). The first time that we sent the care packages I recruited my mom, Reamer's mom, my mom's friend Debbie and of course myself to send them to him. I thought the more, the better. I thought that even if he wasn't able to eat it all he would be able to share.

Apparently when he was able to get the Moutain Phase Care package, they fed him two meals (they usually are barely eating anything) right before they gave him the packages and only gave them 1 hour to eat it and call home. So basically, a ton of food went to waste. Reamer wrote me and told me that he really appreciated that everyone cared so much to send him so much food but that in the Florida Phase he didn't need as much. He couldn't even carry everything that he got last time. In his letter he sent me a list of items that he wanted me to include and even directed me to put everything in one of his boot boxes so that it would be easy to carry.

I thought that the list he gave me was quite funny and it reminded me of a kid's junk food wish list. Here is what the man who is starving wanted me to send.
-Reeces Cups

-Snickers Bars
-Toblerone Candy Bar
-Beef Jerky
-Mt. Dew

Wow! Sounds good, huh? I was just thinking about what I would be craving if I were literally starving. I bet that when he gets this junk food it will be the best meal he has ever had!! He should be getting the package tomorrow so let's hope that history repeats itself and he will receive a phone priviledge as well. Keep him in your prayers. (And go eat some junk food, it is good for the soul!)

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Anonymous said...

So yeah, sounds like Reamer! Pretty funny! I'd want mash potatos myself, but I guess that's not really an option. I sent Mike a bunch of crap too. Keeping my fingers crossed for them both!!!!!!!!! By the way the Ellis person is me amy. Haha, I have an account with work set up on google and my boss owns it and he's name is Ellis =)