Jun 25, 2008

No more Suits and Heels!!

I'm about to start a new chapter in my life. Who knew? From suits and heels to becoming a housewife. I have to admit I'm a little excited but extremely scared to venture into this new phase. I have been a working girl who supported herself ever since I can remember. I have always felt that by earning a living I had control over my life's events. This new change that I am going to encounter takes that control away. I feel confident that I will adjust well to this and that I will have the cleanist house, the best food (ummm... not sure about that one), the best behaved dog, the most toned body, and a strictly regimented household. But Seriously, I'm scared out of my wits.
As soon as Reamer comes home we will be getting ready to leave for Italy. So it is not like I am going to be lacking for things to do. And I already have my "to-do-list" that we must accomplish before we leave. We also want to try to spend some time visiting family and friends before we leave so this will also help keep us busy.

But I am somewhat struggling with leaving my job. I feel that in my higher profile job that I am an important person. (this sounds conceited) I know that God does not want me to so closely identify myself with my job or my accomplishments, but this is something that I have always done throughout my life. I am getting used to the idea of "just" being a housewife. (J/K) Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about eating bon-bons all day and watching soapoperas but there is a part of me that will miss working.

I have been looking forward to reducing my stress levels and moving on to the next chapter in mine and Reamer's life but I am sadly saying goodbye to the good life/job that I have created for myself here. I know that this blog sounds like I'm upset about leaving, but trust me I am so excited to start our next journey. I can't wait to move to Italy and possibly start a new job and definately new life. I think that I will somewhat feel this way as I leave whatever place Reamer and I will live. I hope that I will try to see the positive in every place that we go and try to create my own identity in every place that we go.

Monday is my last day at SunTrust Bank as a Commercial Banker. My next venture is yet to be figured out, but at least I'm going to have great surroundings! Italy here we come!!!


Liz said...

You will be a fabulous housewife ;) And I can't wait to read about all your adventures in Italy...

Anonymous said...

I know you wrote this a while ago, but I am an army wife that is planning on moving to Vicenza with my husband in about a year. I just thought i might be able to relate to you! Thanks for writing!